Audio Recorders

Audio recording devices are another media for capturing paranormal activity. EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon is gaining popularity among ghost hunters. With the introduction of Digital recording devices, EVP is easier to catch and the quality of the recording gives way to easily deciphering voices and phrases that may have been detected.

Audio recording is not a very difficult process, a simple needle traveling across a piece of tin foil can be used as a recording device, much like the very first device created by Thomas Edison. Of course the sound quality is extremely poor and the media would only last a few playbacks, but looking at the raw nature of recording sound may help explain why EVP is possible.

Sound in its simplest form is nothing more then a series of vibrations which are picked up by the ear, these vibrations travel down the ear canal where they strike the ear drum causing it also to vibrate, these vibrating pulses are registered by the brain and deciphered into the different sounds that we hear. Audio recorders work much the same way using a diaphram in a microphone to capture the vibrations and record them onto some kind of media. When the audio is played back, the entire process is reveresed causing a speaker to vibrate in specific patterns to re-create the sound that was recorded.

Since audio devices record vibration it may be possible that the spirit energy is emitting the correct vibration to produce words and phrases on the recording device. Or it could be possible that the energy bypasses the microphone and is picked up further in the circuit where the vibration is turned into an audio signal, much like the bleed over of a strong radio station onto a nearby frequency.

So if the spirit is emitting vibrations, why might I not hear it?

Audio recording devices need to amplify the incoming vibrations many thousands of times before recording the vibration to the media. It may be that we are hearing it but just not registering because the vibration is just to week, or maybe the spirit energy is actually focusing on the audio device? Tis one of the questions that is yet to be answered :)

Most audio recorders have the ability to detect vibrations well above the human hearing range in the ultrasonic spectrum. It may also be possible that some of these voices are in the ultrasonic range and can only be heard once the recording is played back. I still have to wonder one thing, if audio recorders can hear these voices, can someone with a hearing aid also hear them?