I have not come accross anyone using robots in their ghost investigations, so this may be a first. Imagine having a device that could work on its own and take pictures, record video in total darkness (emitting infrared light for video pick up), detect disturbances and attempt to take a picture of the disturbance and send live video back to a reciever so you can monitor its activity?

Meet Ghunter the robotic paranormal investigator. I designed Ghunter in an attempt to cross the line between setting up a camcorder in a vacant room and letting it run and the total live investigation. The amount of devices that could be added to this little robot is endless and being able to monitor its performance from a few hundred feet away makes investigating several rooms or areas at once a snap.

Ghunter started his life as a Hero Jr robot, designed by Heathkit in the early 80s as a robotic companion. Unfortunately the processor of this Hero Jr was fried when I recieved him, so all I was left with was a base with wheels and a drive system and a power supply board. He sat in my basement for awhile till I came up with this grand idea! What if I could use the base and mount a video camera on top of it to be used ghost investigations.

After a few different design ideas, a dozen trips to Radio Shack and a months work, Ghunter was up and running. Ghunter has the following functions:

The transmitter controls the drive system to move the robot, a button to activate the digital camera remotely, activates the infrared system which will take pictures when motion is detected (don't want to be driving the robot around when this is active of course). and activates the infrared LEDs on front of the robot if lighting conditions are to low.

Ghunters power system is 2 large 13 amp 6 volt batteries wired in series to produce 12 volts. These batteries will run all of the devices and the robot for about 6 hours which it plenty of time to conduct an investigation. I have not officially taken Ghunter out on and investigation yet, but his time is coming.