Digital Debate

The biggest controversy in the paranormal community is digital vs film photography. Since the late 1800s film photography has been the popular media for capturing a moment in time. In 1982 Sony introduced its Mavica digital camera to the world, but it would not be until the early 90s before digital photography would be a commercial success. 20 years later and digital photography is still under fire because of its ability to be easily manipulated with a regular computer and that there is no negative to compare against for authentication of an unexplained phenomenon. Add the fact that digital photography is an electronic piece of equipment and has more possible failure points makes it difficult to rely on such a device.

As technology advances, film photography has not changed to much as far as price and quality. Some innovations have been made over the past 20 years, but the process still remains the same. Buy film, take pictures, get it processed. Though there are thousands of different types of cameras, they all work on a basic premis which probably will never change.

My Thougts!

I hope through the last few pages that I have given you enough information to understand that most digital devices are based on analog devices such as the front end of a digital camera is the same as a HI 8 camcorder. Digital mostly relates to how the information is saved, weather it is a camcorder, camera or audio device. Digital camcorders record a much more accurate image then older style camcorders, if spirits are infrared by nature or just reflect infrared light, digital camcorders and cameras will most likely be more suited for capturing spirit activity.

My Conclusion!

I say, use them all, The more devices you have picking up an anomoly the better. Film is a different process then digital, the only similarities they share are the reflected light through the lens. Even that process is different as the CCD is closer to the lens assembly then 35mm film is to the lens in an SLR camera. If we let the general photography rules dictate how we capture spirits on film, we are turning a blind eye to devices that may have a better chance at capturing something.