Motion Detectors

Infrared motion detection could be yet another factor in proving that spirits emit infrared energy. The device to the left is probably the most popular motion detector used on investigations. This little device sold by Radio Shack will detect infrared disturbances up to 30 feet away. It runs on a single 9 volt battery for days and can even be modified to work with other equipment (see My Projects for more information).

Infrared motion detectors sample the infrared light in front of the detector and convert it into an electrical signal which is then monitored by the internal circuits for changes in the signal. When something moves in front of the infrared detector, the infrared signature will change. This new signature is read by the detector, if there is enough of a change in the converted eletrical signal, the detector will set of an alarm or chime to notify the user that something has changed the infrared light in front of the device, ie, it detected motion.

Some theories suggest that spirits give off infrared energy which is detected by infrared detectors. If this is the case, then it is possible for paranormal activity to set off the alarm of the infrared detector. This is one other step toward possibly proving that spirits are infrared.