Digital Video

Near broadcast quality video in the palm of your hand! This little fantasy has since become reality in the past few years. Digital Camcorders have taken the world by storm, but most people do not realize that these new innovative devices are not really that different from analog camcorders.

The recorded image quality of the new digital camcorders have far surpassed the recorded quality of the older models. The technology is in the recorded media, not so much in the CCD sensor.

Just the word "Digital Camcorder" sounds very technical and very advanced, but these devices use the same CCD technology that any regular camcorder or digital camera uses. There is nothing special going on during the capture of the image until after it gets through the CCD and gets processed by the camera. Digital Camcorders do not need to change the captured image into an analog signal like the older camcorders. The image is captured as digital and saved to the media as digital. (Though many of the newer digital camcorders are using CCDs able to capture a much higher resolution then the older camcorders.)

Since the information stays digital during the whole capture and save process, little to no information about the image is lost. This creates a higher quality recorded image. Digital recording is much more reliable even with dirty recording heads.

Many recent digital camcorders also boast infrared capabilities. Though all CCD cameras have this ability with some slight modification, digitcal camcorders help make the picture clearer by converting the image to black and white (or the famous Sony green color) digitally. Having the ability to record in total darkness has increased the digital camcorders popularity and made it a very valuable tool to the paranormal investigator (More information on this under the Infrared Video link).

Though digital camcorders boast a ton of different features and an image quality that overshadows any previous camcorder, these cameras are also prone to many of the malfunctions that plague regular camcorders.